US COPD Coalition

USCC Joins Other Organizations in Advocacy Efforts


The US COPD Coalition (USCC) has recently signed on to two important letters.  One letter focuses on the need to address gaps in our system of delivery and supply of supplemental oxygen. The pandemic has put a strain on our supply of supplemental oxygen for home use due to the additional oxygen needs of COVID-19 patients. The Coalition joined other organizations within our community in sending a letter to the White House COVID-19 Response Team encouraging changes in our system to alleviate such problems.

Among our recommendations is the inclusion of supplemental oxygen systems for home use in the National Strategic Stockpile. We also included a renewed request to make changes in our system to improve access to the full range of supplemental home oxygen systems, including liquid systems.

The US COPD Coalition also joined an extensive list of other healthcare organizations and prominent healthcare individuals in signing on to a letter urging the American Public Health Association to support the Framework Convention on Tobacco Control, thus joining the World Federation of Public Health Associations and many other groups worldwide in supporting this important initiative.

Click on the links below to view or download the two letters.