US COPD Coalition

The Congressional COPD Caucus Welcomes New Members


The U.S. COPD Coalition is pleased to welcome three new members to the Congressional COPD Caucus:

  • Representative Charlie Bass a Republican from New Hampshire’s 2nd district
  • Represenative Aaron Schock a Republican from Illinois’ 18th district
  • Senator Jeanne Shaheen a Democrat from New Hampshire

The induction of these three members gives the Caucus 46 members representing 26 different states. With each additional member, the Congressional COPD Caucus’ sphere of influence grows, making it a more effective and efficent body capable of enacting serious policy change for COPD.

The USCC would like to thank our member organization, the Respiratory Health Association of Metropolitan Chicago, for leading the effort to ask Representative Schock on the Caucus. To get involved be sure to check out the complete list of Congressional COPD Caucus members and if you do not see your elected officials on the list visit the COPD Action Center to send them a quick letter asking for their support.