US COPD Coalition

The Challenges of COPD in Rural America


A new video published by the Rural Health Information Hub places the spotlight on the challenges that those living in rural America face when it comes to Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD). “We have gotten reports from the CDC that absolutely show beyond a shadow of a doubt that COPD deaths, and the number of people who have it in rural America, is double what it is in urban America”, says COPD patient advocate Grace Anne Dorney Koppel in the video. “That’s called a health disparity.”

US COPD Coalition Chairman Sam Giordano agrees with the message of the video and urges all interested individuals and organizations to use it in their messaging about COPD. “The just released video by the Rural Health Information Hub is outstanding in making all the points regarding our challenges and the goals of the COPD National Action Plan. Please share with your coalitions, and especially support groups in your areas.”

See the video here: The Challenges of Chronic Disease in Rural America – COPD