US COPD Coalition

Take the Kids4COPD Challenge


The U.S. COPD Coalition is helping to spread the word about the Kids4COPD Challenge, which is dedicated to raising awareness of COPD and focuses on getting the nation’s youth involved in raising that awareness. The Challenge has three steps:

  • Step 1: Learn about COPD. The more you know, the better for you and your loved ones. People who have COPD cough frequently, or constantly.
  • Step 2: Post a photo with hashtag #KIDS4COPD. Challenge four other families to start the conversation with older adults in their lives by tagging them in your post.
  • Step 3: Talk to your family. Here is a conversation prompt to help you talk to your loved ones: “I took a challenge to talk to four people I care about COPD screening. I care about you, and so I want you to know what I learned.

Check out this YouTube video for more information.