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Congressional COPD Caucus

One of the central goals of the US COPD Coalition (USCC) is to unify the advocacy voice of the COPD community and as such the USCC works closely with the Congressional COPD Caucus. The Caucus is a bicameral, bipartisan enterprise bringing together supportive legislators from across the aisle and the Hill to support legislation that creates positive national COPD policy. 

The USCC is the main liaison to the Caucus and actively engages the COPD community to encourage additional membership of elected officials. Past Caucus activities have included congressional briefings, a non-legislative hearing, and multiple dear colleague letters issued by Caucus members. Some of the Caucus’ successes have included supporting new federal regulations to ease air travel for those with supplemental oxygen, passing legislation to make pulmonary rehabilitation a permanent benefit for Medicare beneficiaries, and encouraging data collection that will help make COPD a public health priority. 

The Caucus has been vital to many of the COPD initiatives passed in recent years – the greater the membership, the stronger the Caucus can be. 

We are asking everyone affected by COPD to invite their members of Congress to join the Congressional COPD Caucus and show their dedication to the COPD community.