US COPD Coalition



US COPD Coalition Webinar Series Archives

The U.S. COPD Coalition holds regular webinars geared towards member organizations and the physician and patient community. Topics range from tips on organizing COPD events to information for newly diagnosed patients. These webinars will be archived and available on this site for all to view and learn from. More archives will be posted soon.


NHLBI Learn More Breathe Better Campaign and US COPD Coalition Network Update Webinar Archives

The U.S. COPD Coalition is pleased to partner with the Learn More Breathe Better Campaign to co-host regular updates for the LMBB network and USCC members. The presentations from these webinars are made available to the public to view. Examples of recent topics include; the latest news from member organizations, COPD Awareness Month plans, World Spirometry Day activities and updates from our government partners. Stay tuned for info on the fall/winter network update and let us know if there are topics you would like to see included in the network update webinars in the future.