US COPD Coalition

Oxygen Survey May Lead to Better Technology and Advocacy


A team of engineering graduate students from Johns Hopkins were surprised when shadowing pulmonologists to learn of the tremendous difficulties people with lung diseases experience with portable oxygen equipment. They have learned first hand from patients about the impact of current portable oxygen equipment on daily activities, and now wish to learn more from you. These researchers are committed to using their graduate work to improve the design of future portable oxygen to better meet the needs and lifestyles of oxygen users.

They have launched a survey that probes oxygen users’ experiences to advance technological development and to further advocacy efforts for better access to oxygen equipment. To help with the research, we ask you to answer this short survey. Your completion of the survey will serve as your consent to participating in the study. The survey is expected to take approximately 10 minutes. All responses will remain anonymous and will only be shared for research purposes.

The US COPD Coalition encourages oxygen users in the community to participate and advance advocacy efforts on these issues. Your responses will be used in publication to raise awareness about challenges with oxygen equipment. We encourage you to share the survey amongst fellow oxygen users and support groups using the link: to make an impact on the oxygen space. If you have questions, email