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November is COPD Awareness Month



November marks COPD Awareness Month and Alpha-1 Awareness Month – a unique opportunity for our community to join together to educate the public about a disease that affects 300 million people worldwide. Coalition members are celebrating COPD Awareness Month and World COPD Day on November 16th by fanning out in the community, saturating social media with COPD information, educating healthcare providers and advocating for COPD policies.

Check out the resources offered by several USCC partners and share what you are doing for COPD Awareness Month. Do you have resources to support COPD Awareness Month? Email to let us know how you celebrated COPD Awareness Month and if you have resources you want added to the list for USCC members.

A snapshot of COPD Awareness Month Resources During the month of November, join the NHLBI and the COPD Learn More Breathe Better® (LMBB) program, in celebrating their theme for COPD Awareness Month, Spotlight on COPD. LMBB seeks to highlight the disease, as well as create a platform for the voices in the community to share their connection to the Action Plan.  

To assist in your outreach during the month, LMBB released a digital toolkit that provides helpful content in reaching your community. You will find:
• Media Relations Materials – Tips for outreach to local media including pitch ideas, talking points, and template media materials. Please visit our website for PSA campaign materials.
• Event Materials – Ideas for planning your next event. View our online fact sheets for printing and distribution. Other physical assets are available upon request.
• Social Media Content – Suggested posts and graphics for use on social media platforms during the month.

Join the COPD Foundation by celebrating COPD Awareness Month with their worldwide network of partner organizations, pulmonary support groups, families, friends – and most importantly – individuals living with COPD.
• Take the #GoOrange Challenge by visiting Submit a photo of you and your friends, family members, and pets wearing orange and share it with the COPD360social community.
• Visit the Events Calendar to find a workshop, conference, Breathe Strong Rally, or Harmonicas 4 Health class in your area at;
• Download and share the #GoOrange social media toolkit, which includes informative statistics and facts that you can use to educate your friends and family. Use the #GoOrange hashtag to share the messages online with your social network;

Learn about alpha-1 antitrypsin deficiency and utilize the tools provided by the Alpha-1 Foundation to help spread awareness for Alpha-1 and the importance of testing COPD patients! You can find shareable images, videos, printable materials and more at

Are you a respiratory therapist or one of the many individuals who have benefited from the care of the committed cadre of respiratory therapists? Check out AARC’s COPD Awareness Month article and a helpful guide on public relations outreach at

Share your COPD Awareness Month activities and pictures or let us know about resources you are offering to others by emailing so that they can be added here!