US COPD Coalition

New Hampshire BRFSS Data


U.S. COPD Coalition member, Breathe New Hampshire released the first of its kind “COPD in New Hampshire” issue brief last Tuesday. The release of the brief marks the first time New Hampshire specific data around COPD has been available. Breathe New Hampshire used the 2008 New Hampshire Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance Survey (NH BRFSS) to gather this baseline data. Funding for this report was provided by the COPD Learn More Breathe Better campaign under a subcontract to Breathe New Hampshire last year. You can access the brief by clicking the link above or by visiting Breathe New Hampshire’s website, here.

The NH BRFSS data is a good example of the data that will result from a nationwide BRFSS COPD question in 2011. This is the first time a survey will provide COPD specific prevalence data nationwide. Additionally, 19 states are also asking the optional expanded COPD module of questions. This data is expected to be released in mid-2012 and will provide local, state, and national COPD data to help focus the community’s efforts to improve awareness, education, and treatment.

Learn more about the BRFSS at the Second National COPD Conference. This two day conference will devote an entire workshop to how to read, analyze, and utilize BRFSS data locally.