US COPD Coalition

Major Survey Effort Kicks Off for Oxygen Users


We have teamed up with organizations who serve all those who use oxygen to collect information that will help healthcare providers, oxygen suppliers, insurance companies, Medicare, and others to better understand what types of home oxygen services are being used, and what kinds of challenges and problems patients face. The results of this survey will be published and used to develop strategies to improve supplemental oxygen services for patients.

Please take some time to distribute this survey to all those who either use oxygen or care for patients who may use oxygen and if you use oxygen please complete this survey even if you completed the Rush oxygen survey earlier in 2016, as it is important to gather as much information across disease communities in one format as possible. Don’t forget, if you or someone you know is having difficulty accessing oxygen as prescribed by your healthcare provider, please report that issue directly to the COPD Information Line at 866-316-2673 so that the individual case can be sent to the CMS Ombudsman for action.

Thank you for answering the call to action.

Take the Survey at