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It’s Cold Season! Can Complementary Approaches Help?


The National Institutes for Health’s National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health has issued the following bulletin regarding complimentary approaches to avoiding a cold:

Many complementary health approaches have been proposed as remedies for the common cold or ways to reduce the risk of catching a cold. There’s evidence that some of them may help.

Complementary approaches that have shown some promise for colds include oral zinc products, rinsing the nose and sinuses (with a neti pot or other device), honey (as a nighttime cough remedy for children), vitamin C (for people under severe physical stress), probiotics, and meditation.

Thinking of trying a neti pot? Before you do, read this information from the Food and Drug Administration on how to use neti pots safely. Click on this link to learn more: Complementary Approaches to Colds & Flu.