US COPD Coalition

CMS Seeking Public Comments on Proposed Rule Changes for Oxygen Reimbursement


The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) is proposing new rules that will impact the ability for home oxygen and ventilator patients to receive the durable medical equipment that best meets their clinical needs.  CMS is inviting public comments on the proposed rules.  The U.S. COPD Coalition will be submitting comments, and we would like your input.

Please take a few minutes to review the proposed rule relating to dialysis, but of more importance to us, home oxygen and ventilator reimbursement. We have highlighted some of the almost 400 of pages to make it a bit easier for you. As you review the document, bear in mind what, if any, difficulties you, your doctor, or your suppliers have encountered that may be the result of too low reimbursement, service delivery issues, or any other problems.  We invite your comments to consider before we finalize our comments on behalf of the US COPD Coalition.  Please send any comments you would like the USCC to consider to

Although you may find some of the wording a bit technical, please bear in mind that oxygen (and some ventilator) users are the experts when it comes to having access to what devices meet your medical and ambulatory needs.  Your thoughts and experiences are important and deserve to be heard. Please share any comments or ideas you may have to improve our systems. In addition to sharing your comments with us, please feel free to submit comments directly to CMS. The information on how to submit comments to CMS can be found near the front of the notice. The deadline for comment is September 10, 2018.

This is our chance to make our voices heard by building a better system for all stakeholders.  Let your voice be heard!

See the proposed rule (with key areas highlighted) below.