US COPD Coalition

Attention COPD Patients and Providers: Opportunity to Help with the creation of Home Pulmonary Rehabilitation Resources


Respiratory Health Association, a lung health non-profit based in Chicago, is working on the development of pulmonary rehabilitation resources that can be used at home. As a part of the development process, we want to survey patients living with COPD to understand your experience with pulmonary rehabilitation, any barriers you have experienced with access to pulmonary rehabilitation, and what resources you would like to use to engage in pulmonary rehabilitation at home.

Your responses will help guide us in designing a home-based pulmonary rehabilitation resource. If you are interested in participating, click on one of the following links, based upon whether you are a patient or a provider:

Project STRENGTH Patient Survey

Project STRENGTH Provider Survey

No identifying information will be collected to associate you with the results of this project. At the end of the survey, there will be a link to a google form to sign up to receive a free copy of the resource once it is available. If you have any questions regarding this survey, please contact the project director, Avanthi Chatrathi, at