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Action Alert: Help Us Replace Competitive Bidding


Help Us Replace Competitive Bidding

Tell Congress to Pass HR 6490

Congress mandated several changes to the way Medicare pays for home oxygen supplies, called Competitive Bidding, which requires suppliers of durable medical equipment, including oxygen, to be awarded contracts by Medicare in order to continue being providers for Medicare beneficiaries. Not all suppliers who were currently doing business with Medicare were awarded contracts causing some individuals with COPD to have to change companies or choose their home medical equipment or services from multiple different companies. Competitive Bidding has negatively impacted the COPD community by causing unnecessary confusion and anxiety among patients, caregivers, and their healthcare providers. And in some cases disrupted

Recently, Representative Tom Price sponsored HR 6490, The Medicare DMEPOS Market Pricing Program Act of 2012. If passed, the proposed legislation would implement a Market Pricing Program (MPP) for home medical equipment suppliers participating in the Medicare program. This important piece of legislation will help rectify the currently flawed Competitive Bidding program by substituting a market-based system that will not impede patient access to home medical equipment, such as oxygen.

Under the current system of Competitive Bidding, many COPD patients are faced with uncertainty as to whether they will continue to receive at home medical equipment and services. Many COPD patients depend on unimpeded and guaranteed access to home medical equipment and services to live or simply maintain their quality of life. HR 6490 would improve the current system by using a state-of-the-art auction system to establish market-based reimbursement rates nationwide. This Market Pricing Program (MPP) is based on competition while still ensuring access to quality home medical equipment and services.

Competitive Bidding is not benefiting the COPD community or many of the people who depend on access to quality home medical equipment or services. HR 6490 would alleviate much of the confusion and difficult many patients are faced with while still striving for a sustainable and competitive system.

Your voice is critical to achieving passage of the bill. Make sure Congress knows how important it is to protect access to quality home medical equipment and services for the COPD Community by visiting the COPD Action Center to send your letter to your Representative today.

Be persistent and follow up with your Representative to see if they will co-sponsor the bill. If you would like to call your Representative’s office but need some tips on what to say, check out “Capitol Hill Basics” on the Action Center.

Let’s all stand up and make our voices heard!

Take Action!

For more information check out the American Association for Respiratory Care’s letter of support to HR 6490 sponsor Congressman Price