US COPD Coalition


The mission of the U.S. COPD Coalition is to improve awareness and care of patients with COPD while supporting the search for a cure. 

The USCC has several goals:

  • Educate key audiences and lawmakers on the importance of improving prevention and detection of COPD, the need for additional research aimed at better understanding COPD and the need for new approaches to prevention and treatment;
  • Promote COPD awareness and education through its role as a resource for programs and constituents of its member organizations and partners;
  • Provide a strong and unified advocacy voice to support policies and regulations important to the COPD Community;
  • Aspire to reach undiagnosed patients with information about COPD and improve quality of life for all those impacted by COPD. 

Bylaws of the US COPD Coalition

Additional Information:

Congressional COPD Caucus

The Coalition serves as a primary liaison with the Congressional COPD Caucus. State and local organizations are able to use the Coalition as a public policy hub, sharing their advocacy ideas and needs in order to present them in an efficient manner.

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Collaboration with Members

The USCC actively explores all avenues for fostering collaboration in the COPD community and supporting meaningful COPD advocacy activities. The Coalition’s core role as a network for information sharing and collective advocacy voice is supplemented by several programs and resources designed to help all member organizations achieve their COPD related goals. The U.S. COPD Coalition is also working with the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute in the promotion of its national campaign, “COPD Learn More Breathe Better” to increase awareness and understanding of COPD and its risk factors and to underscore the benefits of early detection and treatment in slowing the disease and improving the quality of life.

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State Coalitions

The USCC has partnered with many of the State COPD Coalitions to support and promote their activities through its communication channels. As states begin their efforts in COPD, usually by convening a state summit, the Coalition has been able to provide a supporting role in the organization and content of these gatherings. State coalitions that do not have a web presence are able to build a dedicated web page on the USCC’s website free of charge. This web presence allows state coalitions to house their membership information, action plans and more, giving them visibility and an easy way to showcase their work.

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