US COPD Coalition

Month: March 2022


Portable Oxygen Needs Assessment Form Available for Download

There are many types of oxygen equipment used in the home, with each device having advantages and disadvantages. An assessment of a patient’s needs is crucial to matching oxygen patients with the right equipment. The United States COPD Coalition (USCC) Portable Oxygen Task Force has developed the accompanying Portable Oxygen Needs Assessment form for completion by patients, … Read more


COPD Foundation leads the fight against non-FDA approved oxygen concentrators

Many of you may have seen very inexpensive “Oxygen Concentrators” available online, including Amazon, Facebook, eBay.These are selling in the range of $300 to $650. They are not FDA approved, nor will they support the supplemental oxygen needs of most living with COPD. FDA-approved portable oxygen concentrators (POCs) produce at least 93% oxygen at any given … Read more