US COPD Coalition

Month: August 2019


Attention Portable Liquid Oxygen Users…

We have heard from some members that some durable medical equipment (DME) suppliers are requesting that patients and their physicians agree to substituting liquid oxygen systems for an alternate portable supplemental oxygen system. Please be advised of the following before making a decision: According to the Code of Federal Regulations, oxygen suppliers are prohibited from … Read more


Shopping for Medications Outside the USA

The high cost of medications in the Untied States forces many patients to choose between filling their prescriptions and putting food on the table or heating their home. In order to find less expensive alternatives, people are looking outside the US for their medicines. Bernard J. Wolfson, writing in Money magazine, has advice for individuals considering shopping … Read more


FDA Approves New Community-Acquired Pneumonia Treatment

The US Food & Drug Administration (FDA) has approved a new antibiotic to treat community-acquired bacterial pneumonia. The new drug, called Xenleta (lefamulin), is approved for adults and can be administered either orally or intravenously. “This new drug provides another option for the treatment of patients with community-acquired bacterial pneumonia, a serious disease,” said Ed … Read more


USCC Submits Comments in Support of Diversity of Clinical Trial Populations

The US COPD Coalition (USCC) has submitted comments in support of the Food & Drug Administration (FDA) draft guidance for industry entitled, “Enhancing the Diversity of Clinical Trial Populations—Eligibility Criteria, Enrollment Practices, and Trial Designs”. The USCC believes that these recommendations are an important step forward in having the groups of patients studied in clinical trials more … Read more


USCC Joins Other Advocacy Groups in Defending Access to Home Mechanical Ventilation

The U.S. COPD Coalition (USCC) has joined with a dozen other advocacy groups in sending a letter to Congress expressing our concern about CMS’s decision to include home-based mechanical ventilators in the competitive bidding process.  The letter to Representatives Morgan Griffith and Peter Welch, who both serve on the House Committee on Energy and Commerce, thanks the … Read more