US COPD Coalition

Year: 2012


2012 COPD Awareness Resolutions and Proclamations

2012 COPD Awareness Resolutions and Proclamations Midway through 2012 and our COPD advocates have been successful in passing COPD Awareness Resolutions in several states across the country. Great work everyone, let’s keep this momentum going through the year! Check back to this news story as we continue to pass more resolutions and proclamations throughout the … Read more


2012 Bi-Annual US COPD Coalition Business Meeting

The U.S COPD Coalition will be hosting its Bi-Annual Business Meeting on May 21st in San Francisco from 9am-12pm PT. During this meeting we will hold elections for new Board of Directors (formerly Executive Committee) members. According to the bylaws there should be up to five professional health organization member representatives and up to six patient, … Read more


Second National COPD Conference Recap

The Second National COPD Conference was held on December 2nd and 3rd, 2011, in conjunction with COPD7USA. The Second National COPD Conference was developed to bringing together individuals with COPD, healthcare professionals, government agencies, and advocacy organizations to collectively look back, assess our progress, and plan a path forward. The First National COPD Conference, held … Read more


Too-Sick-to-Work Americans Drive Down Size of Labor Force

By Alex Kowalski | March 03, 2012 Article courtesy of Bloomberg Government (Updates with Author comment on baby boomers in 21st paragraph.) (Bloomberg) — Michael White says he wishes he still could pluck the bass line to Hank Williams Jr.’s “Born to Boogie” and pay bills with money he earns himself. High unemployment — along … Read more